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b2b podcast network review
podcast ad network review

With B2B PodPros, you can reach your audience of B2B Marketers, Tech Founders, HR Consultants, Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation, and SaaS decision makers by talking directly to them every time they listen to our podcasts.

Our portfolio of 40+ top ranked B2B related podcasts cover discussions related to growth strategies and practical tips for marketers in the B2B space. Sponsor the content your target audience is already listening to.

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Your Sponsorship Resource

Eric Melchor, Founder of B2B PodPros

Eric is the bridge between SaaS brands who want to get their message to the right audience and the world class b2b podcasters at B2B PodPros. He helps sponsors select the ideal shows in the B2B PodPros network that have product to audience fit and make the most of their sponsorship. Eric has 15+ years in media and advertising, consulted with clients in both digital and traditional channels, is the host of Innovators Can Laugh, and loves podcasting because it makes room for interesting content.

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When we put a proposal together - you will not only receive options for a group podcast campaign, but we also provide other benefits that add rocket fuel to your growth initiatives. But first, see our resources or case study 🚀